Talking ‘Gayby Baby’ with The Age/Sydney Morning Herald, 2UE and the Melbourne International Film Festival

After controversy recently engulfed Maya Newell’s documentary ‘Gayby Baby’ in light of alleged (and now confirmed non-existent) parental complaints about the film being shown during school hours I was invited to take part in discussions regarding the film and life as a ‘gayby’.

Photo: Penny Stephens

Neelima Choahan from The Age/Sydney Morning Herald and I chatted about where things all got started which you can take a read of here.

In August I joined Justin Smith for drive on 2UE to talk about the realities of life with queer parents (spoiler: it’s not all rainbows, motorbikes and flannel).

Photo: Dan Cahill
Photo: Dan Cahill

During the Melbourne International Film Festival I also joined a panel with film maker Maya Newell, Roz Ward of the Safe Schools Coalition and Amelia Basset of the Rainbow Families Council to discuss the film and what it means to be both a ‘gayby’ and a LGBTIQ+ parent.

MIFF will be releasing the recording as a podcast in the coming months so keep an eye (or rather an ear) out if you’re keen to take a listen!

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