Mainly working from the Victorian parliament house desk, my week long internship with AAP gave me the opportunity to file stories for the wire, film/record/photograph and transcribe. I also attended police press conferences and stake outs, using a smartphone to capture quality video and audio for AAP One subscribers.

Tenants to Suffer Under Vic Housing Plan, news.com.au (23/2/17)

Speaker Telmo Languiller’s press conference on the morning The Age revealed he had charged Victorians almost $40,000 to live outside his electorate (23/2/17)

Leader of the Opposition Matthew Guy speaks to the media after the Speaker’s travel expenses are revealed in that morning’s edition of The Age (23/2/17)

Minister for Police and Minister for Water Lisa Neville speaks to the press in the hour following a light plane crash at Essendon Airport (21/2/17)

* Note: These videos are attributed to my supervisor Kaitlyn Offer as they were uploaded via her account to AAP One