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As a producer for one of ABC RN’s flagship current affairs programs, RN Drive, I’m responsible for pitching story ideas, sourcing talent, scripting and engaging with our audience on social media. In this role I have become very proficient at working to tight deadlines in a fast paced environment.

Below is a selection of segments I’ve produced at RN Drive, for the full list click here

Some “salads” may soon be subject to a GST (2/3/17)

Queensland government considering tightening domestic violence bail laws (2/2/17)

New stick on patches indicate when it’s time to get out of the sun (1/2/17)

More funnelweb anti-venom is needed on the East coast (27/1/17)

Woman prevented from testifying in a niqab (1/12/16)

Youth suicide rates hit their highest level in 10 years (30/11/16)

NZ brings back nationwide secret Santa (30/11/16)

You may not be able to roll down the lawns of parliament house for much longer (29/11/16)

Australia may see pill testing at festivals within six months, expert says (28/11/16)

Cases of thunderstorm asthma likely to increase (24/11/16)

Hazlewood power station to close (3/11/16)

Taco trucks mobilise to encourage voter registration (12/10/16)

New UN secretary general announced (6/10/16)

Severe storms hit South Australia (28/9/16)

Pell reportedly loses influence over Vatican finances (8/9/16)

Crowd sourcing helps commuters avoid magpie swooping (2/9/16)


Regular segments:

My Feed

My Feed with Matt Roden (3/2/17)

My Feed with Jessamy Gleeson (27/1/17)

Research Filter

RF: Androids, soil and pharmaceuticals (1/12/16)

RF: Pigs, planets and Torobo-kun (17/11/16)

The Wrap

The Wrap: Marriage equality, deaths in custody and ordinary people meet politicians (26/8/16)