Cataclysm Podcast

Since joining the Catalyst magazine team as a contributor in 2015 I’ve been involved with it’s podcast: Cataclysm. I’ve produced audio features, hosted the program, “interviewed” dogs at a dog show and more. During my time as a Catalyst editor I was our podcast manager and hosted our Politics on the Couch segment with Natasha Grivas.

‘I see dead people: what it’s like to be a mortician in Melbourne’, featured in Episode #23: Surreal and Episode #15: The Body

Politics on the Couch host for Episode #23: Surreal 

Host and ‘Date Night’ contributor for Episode #20: Artificial

Feature contributor (see above) for Episode #17: The Body

Host and ‘Date Night’ Contributor  for Episode #15: Expectations

Feature on a beauty salon and performance piece helping women who are victims of acid attacks, featured on Cataclysm home page