In my role as a researcher at ABC Fact Check I undertake in-depth research to fact check claims made by politicians and public figures. I’ve developed my research skills to a high standard and get to indulge my interest (forgive the nerdiness) of digging through data sets, government bills and analysing the impact of policy. I also regularly interview academics and experts for comment as well as consult with politicians and/or their staff to determine how or why they made a certain claim. And as one of our online content creators I have also been filming and editing vox pops for our social media pages.

Was Labor’s PNG refugee deal for one year only? (10/08/17)

Is scepticism about FODMAPs causing gut problems justified? (23/08/17)

Is Australia in breach of its UN anti-corruption obligations? (28/09/17)


Facebook video following up on our penalty rates check:



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