The City Journal



The City Journal is RMIT’s in-house news website. At City Journal, I’ve filed a range of stories from multimedia pieces and data driven journalism to radio packages and tv material. I’ve also been executive producer of our Wednesday afternoon news bulletin and a contributor for and presenter of our RRR news bulletins. Below you’ll find a selection of my work from City Journal.


Why are politicians getting caught out by Section 44? (Atavist multimedia story w/ data) – (04/08/17)

The Good, The Bad and The HILDA (Atavist multimedia story w/ data) – (04/08/17)

All the things you could buy instead of a plebiscite (Buzzfeed listicle) – (11/08/17)

Top End Residents Most Likely to be Using Solar Energy – with infographics (04/10/16)


News in 60 Seconds – Short bulletin for CJ website(01/9/17)

Postal Survey Vulnerable to Voter Fraud says ABS –  (05/9/17)


RRR News Tuesday bulletin (presenter) – (25/9/17)

City Journal News Wednesday afternoon bulletin (EP) – (14/9/16)


Independent stores thriving in Flinders street subway – (24/07/17)

2015 Federal Budget Photographs (12/5/15)